A solution for every problem

Disinfection is reducing the number of viable micro-organisms to an acceptable level. Disinfection of stables is necessary to protect a next group of animals from infections from their environment. For livestock farming disinfection is prescribed by law in a number of cases. Decontamination is in our genes at Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne. With over twenty five years of experience we have a solution for every problem.

Disinfection possibilities:

  • Spraying: treating the surfaces to be disinfected with disinfectant dissolved in water.
  • Fogging: a ‘dry disinfection' where the fogging device nebulises the disinfectant like a fine mist.
  • Combination fogging/spraying: for an extra effective disinfection.
  • Thermokill: the prolonged heating of an empty stall.
  • Turbofog: very effective 'dry disinfection' for large stables with unique self-developed machine.
  • Burning floors: heating the stable floor for a short time which kills off all micro-organisms.

A well-executed cleaning is essential for disinfection. By cleaning the initial contamination level of billions of germs per cm2 can be decreased to millions per cm2. For a further decrease of the number of germs disinfection is necessary. And that is not simple. Whereas cleaning can still be checked by the naked eye, disinfection yields no visible results. Only checks with so-called swabs show remaining bacteria. On other residual pathogens, like viruses, this check will provide no information. This means that a very conscious choice must be made on which disinfection method is used. The result with the chosen means is dependent on multiple factors.

Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne has multiple disinfectants in their range. In consultation we will see which appliance will fit best.