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By disinfection is meant the reduction of the number of viable microorganisms to an acceptable level for application. Disinfection of animal housing is needed to protect a subsequent group of animals against infection from their surroundings. In stock farming - including poultry - disinfection in some cases is prescribed by law. Disinfecting is in our genes at Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne. With over twenty-five years of experience for every possible problem we always have a solution available.

A summary of treatment options:

  • Spraying: with a disinfectant dissolved in water, the entire room is sprayed wet.
  • Fogging: a so-called dry disinfection with disinfectant is sprayed as a fine mist.
  • Combination fogging/spraying: for an additional effective disinfection.
  • Thermo Kill: the prolonged heating of an empty barn at approximately 42 °C.
  • Turbo fog: highly effective disinfection method for large spaces.
  • Burning floors: stable floor is briefly heated to a very high temperature causing the extinction of all micro-organisms.

A well-executed cleaning is essential for disinfection. Through cleaning, the initial contamination level of billions of germs per cm2 reduced to millions per cm2. For a further reduction of the number of germs disinfection is necessary. And that's not easy. Where cleaning can be checked with the naked eye, disinfection doesn't show any visible results. Only checks with so called swabs show residual bacteria. Regarding other residual pathogens such as viruses, this control gives no information. This means there must always be a very conscious choice as to which disinfectant is used. The result that can be achieved with these means is determined by several factors.

Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne has several disinfectants in the selection. In consultation we will decide on the most appropriate means.

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