Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne B.V. form The Netherlands has been well-known in the field of disinfection, rodent control and pest prevention since 1988 and has developed into an enterprise which is ready for anything. Our certified specialists are active in areas including the horticulture industry, animal husbandry and the food processing industry. With an eye for innovation, targeted service and quality, Van Eck Bedrijfshygiëne is capable to quickly and environmentally friendly fight pests or prevent nuisances.

From the beginning of the company, Van Eck has always been a pioneer in the field of poultry redmite control and disinfection of poultry houses. Througout the years Van Eck developed several methodes and services which are provided on a daily basis in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the last years more and more in the United Kingdom.

On of the well known methodes is called Thermokill. Thermokill is a treatment method for red mites in the poultry farm where both the red mites and the eggs of the red mites are destroyed through heating. The stable is heated to the desired floor temperature. On all locations with the desired temperate the mites and the eggs will dry out. The process lasts multiple days so that the poultry house equipment heats up and cools down slowly.

The benefits of Thermokill:

·         Environmentally friendly and effective control of mites.

·         A good basis for healthy chain and food safety.

·         Proven and the only technique to combat worm eggs.

·         Also works against mites and other insects; Styrofoam beetles, flies and salmonella.

Besides Thermokill, Van Eck provides the services of Silica treatments and disinfections. Liquid silica is applicable in every housing system for laying hens and broiler breeders and can be used as both preventative and curative.

Critical points of systems will be treated while it is unoccupied. After drying there is a fine layer of silica powder present in which the red mites die. This layer will remain working for a long time

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